Launching for iOS & Android

We are proud to introduce the world to Acthound Casting, a brand-new iOS & Android platform for producers, directors, actors, models, companies, and all other talents within our industry. Discovering new experiences, opportunities, and career driving work in a revolutionary new interface with tools that allow for further benefits to our users.

Users will be able to:

  • Apply to new auditions and entertainment work
  • Post auditions and opportunities,
  • Learn the time frame of when that audition will take place
  • Notifications of any updates your current list of gigs
  • Connect with everyone else involved in that listing

And so much more

Acthound Casting is the first step to a new system of casting!

Built on the founding principles of casting. Acthound Casting will be innovating the entire casting experience utilizing new systems, techniques and analytic systems to create an unparalleled casting experience for both the auditioner and the producer!

We developed this service from the ground up with the entertainment industry in mind and it’s constantly changing the ecosystem that Acthound Casting will evolve with as well. Operated by a secret technology team inside of Acthound LLC dedicated to creating the best technology and software that will benefit the entire working body of the industry. Unlike our competitors our opportunity listings aren’t locked behind a paywall, union and non-union productions will also be on our platform day one!

Acthound Casting Will be the #1 way you interact with your auditions!

The goal of Acthound Casting is to become the best way talent in our industry will interact with the opportunities in the entertainment industry as a whole! From how you find them, to how you apply, to how you utilize your time at the event, to when you leave, and if you have achieved your goal of landing the gig!

Become an Acthound casting partner!

We have launched a new partner program that can benefit you with specialty perks, discounts, innovate tools, new features and services for posting compelling career opportunities to our platform. Learn more & sign up:


Acthound casting os shannon 1.0.1

Acthound Casting honors the talents who make our industry a remarkably productive, creative and exciting experience to be apart of and network in. Staying true to that philosophy we’ve named our first version software after acthound team member and modeling instructor, Shannon Murphy! 

Safety and security

Safety and security is the top priority when developing a new innovative platform for thousands to use, so we have been dedicated to protecting everyone on our platform, by looking into all companies, producers, directors, etc who will be posting castings on our platform to establish trust with all actors, models, and talents who take the opportunity to use our new service. Below we’ve outlined our roadmap for updates and pivotal milestones to better help you!

Updates & fixes

Acthound Casting is committed to consistent updates & bug fixes as our community & platform continues to grow, mature and evolve over time. We are streamlining the entire process of our updates and new software to better service our customers.


Join us as we innovate tools and services talents need to stay competitive and at the top of their game!
-Team Acthound