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ACTHOUND is THE ENTERTAINMENT SOURCE for award winning actors, beginners, agencies, producers and other industry pros. Just ask our favorite supporters, Eric and Eliza Roberts!

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As an actor, writer and business professional, I certainly understand what it's like to continually compare yourself to everyone else! After all, this business is made of competition. So, how do you stand out from all of the other talented people? Easy! You STAND UP! Stand up for who you are, what you believe and own every aspect of your personal brand. Auditioning, job interviews, and life in general are about you which means that all you have to do is be YOU (or your version of the character you're playing)! So go for that big role, or that better job because YOU deserve it and owning who you are just makes you shine that much brighter! Remember, act like you mean it and always journey un-compromised!!

-Love Ellie!