Acthound Online Screenwriting Workshop is a online class educating in the development of screenwriter’s ideas, plots, and technical ability.

About this Event

Learn & Develop your screenwriting at Acthound Online Screenwriting Workshop!

Join us as we delve right into core principles of the writing process, keeping stories grounded and cohesive, character development and world-building. Learn to write realistic dialogue, what software and programs to utilize for your best work and gain free useful free tools specifically to better your skills & talents!

Enjoy an open floor to pitch your ideas and storylines to professionals within the industry and enjoy good feedback and discussions on your projects in an electric online class environment!

Acthound Online Screenwriting Workshop Event Details:

6 to 6:15 pm

*Intros and goals

-Going through the class to get to know each other and find out what you’re hoping to get out of the class or what you’re interested in writing is.

6:15 to 7 pm

*Background and story basics

-Using a limited PowerPoint and personal experiences we’ll go through some story principles meant to help guide the writing processes.

Three act structures

How to keep a story grounded

How to write authentic characters

How to write realistic dialogue

7 to 7:30 pm

*Contained script case samples

-Discussing short films and contained features, as well as how to write for limited budgets. As well as how many turns are in a short and some common pitfalls for writer actors

7:30 to 8 or 8:30 pm

*Idea pitches and story breaking


Closing Event and Free Tools to utilize!

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