Film/Production Partnership Benefits

Acthound believes in honoring the people who work with us in tandem with creating incredible casting opportunities & experiences in our industry. As we move towards casting with our platform on iOS & Android, we will be providing our partners benefits and perks.

Partners can request sign-up via the partnership form: 

For our first 3 months, partners are entitled to the following benefits:

1) Advertising & Promotion:

  • With an expansive 4,500+ email membership listing, we can provide advertising through customized email blasts on your productions & in-progress works for talents to see and respond to. In-app advertising to over +2,000 pre-signed up members & lastly, personal one-to-one networking, as we employ our team members to promote your company jobs when we are in discussions with talents.

2) Discounts on Film Equipment & Other entertainment products:

  • Partners will be able to utilize Acthound company discounts with film equipment companies, education companies, and other partnerships formulated.

3) Beta-Test Unique Cutting-Edge Features:

  • Partners will be able to utilize new software networking/casting features developed by Acthound before official rollouts. Beta-testing allows our partners to take full advantage of services and tools not yet readily available to the whole user base allowing a competitive advantage on our platform.

As our casting platform continues to grow, so will our ability to provide our partners with even more specialized services and benefits to further grow our collective impact in the entertainment industry.

-Kelsor Jaquan, Founder/CEO of Acthound 

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