Honoring our following Graduates

Karen Theodore

Working extremely hard on her craft, Karen Theodore went above and beyond during this 6-Month Journey learning acting disciplines, understanding how to properly audition, be a team player and work well with others and enlighten a room with her own unique glow and energy!

Armani Cooper

Coming from a theater background, Armani Cooper put herself in new water learning acting for film and the numerous differences it has from her background. Taking it in stride like a true actor, she learned, adapted and performed so well she’s now a front and center star in a Acthound Studio’s film! 

Vladimir Manosalvas

Being completely new to acting as a whole, Vladimir Manosalvas had an incredible experience learning the film acting industry! Bitter work was constant to bring out his external self and connect with others while performing. Not one to shy away from adversity and always asking questions. Vladimir assured he will be a force in acting and more over in the future voice acting!

Travis Martin

Being an established actor in his own right already, Travis Martin joined us to brush up his skills, knowledge and take himself to the next level learning more acting techniques, developing his craft and building bonds with his fellow classmates. Being a bit unsure of himself when he first arrived he has now grown to be one of the most outspoken people with an exterior passion for acting!